Sunday, September 8, 2013

CONVERGENCE and BAYANIHAN highlighted during NBS School Supplies Distribution

More than 50 cartons weighing more than 50 kilos have to be transported from the warehouses of National Book Store(NBS) - SM Gensan Branch to remote areas of Malapatan.  "Sadam", a vehicle (surplus military vehicle used during the pursuit of Saddam Hussein) specially requested from Gov. Solon of Sarangani Province to reach the mountainous area of Lasang Elementary School.  Volunteers from various organization extended help during the distribution.

More than 2,000 pupils in Malapatan, Sarangani Province received a kit from National Book Store's "Project Aral Campaign"

The Project Aral campaign by NBS aimed to give poor students from customer's donation of P25.  The customer can get a kit containing two notebooks, a pencil and a sharpener for donation.  The customer will be to sign the kit with their name ("Donated by xxxxxxx") and will then ask to drop the kit at the drop box especially marked for the campaign.

NBS gathered more than 2,000 packs of school supplies in the area.

Ms. Marlyn Epis of NBS SM-Gensan turned over the school supplies to SOCSARGEN Peace Network (SPNI) for distribution

Last July 2013, Gilbert Tan (professor from MSU and a blogger) was asked by Ms. Marlyn Epis, branch head, NBS SM Gensan branch if he knows someone who can help distribute the "Project Aral" kits here in SOCSARGEN. He asked SOCSARGEN bloggers Rosilie Lim and Sheng Marie Dee.  Rosalie that time met an accident so Sheng was able to connect and converged with SPNI for indentification of school beneficiaries and asked for logistical support on the distribution. Kag. Lagare of LGU-Gensan provided vehicle to transfer the supplies from SM-Gensan to SPNI Office.  LGU of Sarangani thru Gov. Solon provided vehicle to shuttle the supplies to various school beneficiaries in Malapatan, Sarangani Province.  Dr. Cagape invited Shock Riders, a group of motorists, to help in the distribution of supplies to the farthest school.  SPNI volunteers, HABI volunteers, Social Work Students of Cronasia Inc, helped in loading, unloading and distribution of the kits.  SOCSARGEN bloggers helped in the documentation.

"Bong S'lamat, T'boli term for THANK YOU... student prayer before receiving the school supplies

School Beneficiaries:
Datu Panoliman Integrated School (Total, 812 kits)          
Kinder-114, Grade 1 -119, Grade 2- 122, Grade 3-  126, Grade 4- 120, Grade 5 -121, Grade 6- 90 
Lasang Elementary School (Total, 225 kits)
Kinder   - 76 , Grade 1- 36, Grade 2- 26, Grade 3-20 , Grade 4- 24 , Grade 5- 24 , Grade 6  -19 
Mamanawa Elementary School (Total, 1,034 kits)
Kinder-245,  Grade 1-207 , Grade 2-140 , Grade 3 - 136 , Grade 4 -111 , Grade 5- 100 , Grade 6- 95 

Volunteers from Cronasia's Social Work Department transferring cartons of supplies from NBS warehouse to SOCSARGEN Peace Network.

                            Orientation of various volunteers before going to various school beneficiaries.

                                                                                 Loading of school supplies.

                                                        Bumpy rides going to Lasang Elementary School

                                                   Passing through hills and mountains...          

                                           Shock Riders handed the school supplies to the Principal of Lasang 
                                               Elementary School
SOCSARGEN Bloggers with Kindergarten Pupils of Lasang Elementary School

Social Work Students of Cronasia College Inc. Oriented Mamanawa Elementary School 
teachers for the distribution

Excited pupil of Mamanawa Elementary School upon receiving the "gift"

SOCSARGEN Peace Network's tag line - "Creating Culture of Peace" at Datu Pangolima
Elementary School

T'boli pupils rendered T'boli song to the volunteers.  They walked several kilometers before reaching
the school.

Thank you very much Sponsors!

SOX Bloggers, HABI Volunteers, SPNI Volunteers and Cronasia Volunteers have their
packed lunch (noodles and canned sardines).  Datu Pangolima gave bread and softdrinks. 
Dole through Nanard gave pineapple juice to all volunteers.

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T'boli pupil rendered a song for the volunters.

Video Documentation created by Yadu

Monday, August 12, 2013

Non Muslim Communities Join Eid'l Fit're 2013 Celebrations

More than 2,000 participated on one of the biggest celebrations of the Muslim on August 9, 2013 at MSU-HS grounds, General Santos City.

Prejudice among people and community develops and re-enforce thru ignorance of the ways of life of other people. The SOCSARGEN PEACE NETWORK, has been pursuing initiatives of bringing together people of different faith and culture. Common understanding and common experience is a way of creating a peaceful community. We have taken greater steps in making it a reality in our people in SOCSARGEN.

One convergence for our Tri people as well as other non-government and government organizations is our active participation in the Eidel F’ter celebration of our Muslim brothers and sisters. The end of the Ramadan is an opportune time of sharing together the joys of this holy month.

For more than 7 years, we continuously endeavor to make the participation and involvement of Christian and Lumads wider and more meaningful through sharing of food, greetings of peace and interacting with the community as they end a month long fasting.

Friday, July 12, 2013

Shared Service Facilities on Turmeric Powder Processing for Danlag Women Association

Group of Women in inthe far-flung area of Danlag, Tampakan, South Cotabato was given equipment and services through the RuMEPP program of DTI like Solar drier, kiln, pounder, and sachet machine for social enterprise.

Monday, June 17, 2013

Volunteers Facilitated 50 Barangay Workshops For DAR-PAMANA Project Identification

50 barangays in Sarangani Province undergo Barangay Workshop Consultations for small infra or livelihood project amounting to P300,000 per barangay per year for 3 years. Projects must be anchored for peace and development and poverty alleviation. This is a project of OPAPP, delegated to DAR. SOCSARGEN Peace Network were invited to facilitate Barangay.

Saturday, June 15, 2013

Braving the Rain and Swelling Rivers: Sending School Supplies for T'boli Children of Brgy. Gasi, Kiamba

Mr. & Mrs. Arnel and Rosalie Macario Lim with their son,Joshua, headed the distribution of school supplies to one of the remotest and poorest T'boli children in Sitio Kapanal, Brgy. Gasi, Kiamba, Sarangani Province.

Saturday, June 8, 2013

Charity Means Going an Extra Mile: Weapon Ride

Charity means going an extra miles... ride on a weapon vehicle for a rough and bumpy terrains... seek the marginalized where no ordinary persons can go...This is the road traversed by committed and passionate teachers and children going to school daily... one place was called "Datal Cry" - steep elevated road where the teachers cried after they hurdled it...